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School is a huge part of family and community life. It’s where our children spend their days; it’s where we gather to celebrate talent and promote the pursuit of lifelong learning. Use this page to keep apprised of the news and events that affect your family.

Dassa 5th B Newsletter

Please take a moment to read our latest newsletter below for important information regarding student belongings pick up, report cards, refunds for field trips, the 4th grading period, and more!

COVID-19 Resources
Early Intervention Services during COVID-19

Early intervention services are available during this time of school closures and social distancing via phone and/or video technology. Please see our flyer for more information on how to get tele-intervention services for your infant, toddler, or preschool child.

To connect with your local program, call your service coordinator or local early intervention program representative. To get information on how to contact your local early intervention program, call the Connect Helpline at (800) 692-7288. If you are unable to connect with your local program in this way, or have any difficulty starting tele-intervention services, please email the Office of Child Development and Early Learning.

PDE Resource List for Maintaining a Positive Learning Climate

We invite you to read the following resource lists for more useful information. These ideas will help parents build a more positive learning environment. 

Tips for Parents on the COVID-19 School Closure

Children will follow your lead. Try to stay calm and stick to your normal routines as much as possible. Taking these actions can limit the stress youngsters feel in uncertain times.

Here are some helpful tips for parents to take during the COVID-19 outbreak. 

  •  Ask your children what they’ve heard about the coronavirus. This will give you the chance to clear up any misconceptions they may have. Reassure them that following common-sense advice (washing their hands frequently or staying home if they are sick) is the best way they can help.
    • Note: Limit young children’s exposure to the news. For instance, watch the news when they’re not around.
  • When suspending events, it's natural for children to feel upset. Empathize with them. Consider doing special at-home activities.
    • Examples: Camp out in the backyard or living room and read books by flashlight. Hold a family movie night—complete with a “concession stand” that offers treats like microwave popcorn and pretzels. You can have a dance party or sing-along with relatives via video chat.
  • Check out this new children's book for supporting children ages three to eight in understanding current happenings.

    • This animated video explains to young ones why we wear masks.

    We also invite you to read the following resource lists for more useful information.

    Home & School Connection May COVID-19 Special Edition

      Tip of the Day:

      To kick off our distance learning adventure, we are providing a list of tips. Please see below for our list of tips.

      COVID-19 Letter to Families

      Mr. Chad Dillon, Dassa McKinney school counselor, is available to children during the school closure. Should your child wish to speak with him, he would encourage you to reach out via email with the best contact number or way to reach you and your child. There is an abundant amount of media surrounding the current topic of COVID-19. Please take a moment to read Mr. Dillon's complete letter for a condensed list of resources and activities that may help you and your child while they are away from school.