Dassa McKinney
Elementary School


We believe a student’s life success is dependent upon more than just his grades. We believe to become truly “educated,” students must recognize and develop their intellect, their talents, and their aspirations. Not only do we offer art, music, band, physical education, STREAM, and library education, we also advocate developing the whole person through various programs and activities available throughout our community. Here, you’ll learn more about the programs your child will participate in at Dassa McKinney Elementary School.

School-Wide Positive Behavior Program

This team consists of faculty and staff who are committed to making Dassa McKinney a safe and positive place to be. Students learn the expectations for each area of school, and we all work together to follow these expectations daily. For more information, read our school’s SWPB flyer.

Starfish Program

This program involves a commitment we as faculty and students make at Dassa McKinney to seek out individuals to lift and encourage through small, intentional actions. We accept others differences, and we commit to take responsibility for our actions. Discover more about this program by reading the starfish story and pledge.

Dassa Stream Team

This team, made up of students and staff at Dassa McKinney, creates instructional videos discussing valuable core principles that help make our school community strong!

Student Council

Some of our ongoing activities with student council include Box Tops for Education, weekly peer tutoring and service learning projects, like cards and care packages for veterans and others, book collections and exchanges, special assemblies, and fundraisers to benefit the school community.